4 Signs That You Are An Emotional Eater

4 Signs That You Are An Emotional Eater

Food was my comfort. When I was sad, I would eat. If I had a long day at work, I would eat. If I would stressed, I would eat. Whatever the case was, if I was going through something emotionally I would turn to food. Whatever I was feeling at the time, food would calm me and help me to feel better. Food never seemed to let me down.  The problem was…food never really solved what I was going through, but it did numb me, at least for a little while. Emotional eating was something that I struggled with for a very long time.

If you can relate to this, you’re definitely not alone. The truth is emotional eating is something that a lot of people struggle with, but few recognize that they actually have a problem. To a lot of people, food is the quickest and easiest comforter during tough times.

The problem is, emotional eating can be very detrimental not just if we are trying to lose weight, but our mental health could suffer too as a result. Emotional eating causes us to eat excessively and gain weight. After eating emotionally, in most cases, we feel bad about ourselves, which in turn lowers our self-esteem.

The good news is that if you struggle with emotional eating you can overcome it. I am living proof of that. I overcame emotional eating after years of struggling. The thing is, however, before you can overcome emotional eating, you must first determine that you are, indeed, an emotional eater. The sad truth for most people is that they stay in the dark, never realizing that they actually have a problem.

I know the pain and struggle that comes with emotional eating. Because I struggled with emotional eating for so long, without even knowing that I had a problem, I know that there are some of ya’ll that may be struggling right now. I wanted to come on today and talk about 4 signs that you may be an emotional eater.

4 Signs That You Are An Emotional Eater

#1 Your go-to reaction for dealing with negative feelings is to eat something that “tastes good.”

For Emotional eaters food is the easiest way to cope with negative feelings. Emotional eaters use food as a way to feel better in emotional situations, without actually dealing with the issue at hand. They have thoughts like, “if I eat ___, it will make me feel good and I want to get rid of the negative feelings that I am having right now.”

Anytime you are off kilter emotionally, whether that is upset, sad, stressed, or confused is food the thing that helps you to feel better in the moment? The urge to eat when you are emotionally spent, regardless of hunger is a huge sign that you are an emotional eater.

#2 When you are emotional or stressed you eat a lot of food and then feel regretful afterwards

For emotional eaters food is the way to fill the void of not knowing how to deal with negative emotions. Emotional eaters eat in an attempt to “feel better,” only to be left feeling worse in the end. This used to happen to me all the time! The problem with emotional eating is food always seems like it is the answer, but it never is. Food numbs us for a time, but that feeling never lasts. If you find yourself eating a lot of food when you are emotional or stressed and then feeling regretful after, this is another sign that you are an emotional eater.

#3 You have strong cravings for comfort foods when you are emotional

Emotional eaters tend to have strong cravings when they are going through tough times emotionally. For emotional eaters, these cravings tend to come all of a sudden, regardless of if the person is hungry or not. When these cravings hit, emotional eaters don’t want food to satisfy hunger. They want food strictly for pleasure, to feel better in their current situation, and mask the negative emotions that they are feeling.

When you are emotional do you have strong cravings for food? If you have sudden, strong cravings for food when you are emotional, this is a sign that you are an emotional eater.

#4 You need to have something indulgent after a hard day just to “come down”

Emotional eaters often find themselves looking for something indulgent to eat to “come down” from a hard day.  They are generally not looking to talk about their feelings, but they do want some sort of relief. For emotional eaters, food does not solve how they are feeling, but it does soothe them for a little while, by taking their mind off of how hard their day was and how they are currently feeling in the moment.

Do you have to get something indulgent to eat after a hard day (pizza, brownies, cookies, cake, French fries, Chinese food…)? If you find yourself thinking thoughts like” if I can just eat something, it’ll make this day better” this is a sign that you are an emotional eater.

There’s hope…

If you’ve determined that you are an emotional eater, the great thing is that you are no longer in the dark about the issue. Overcoming emotional eating, especially after years of struggle, will take time and patience. Once you get used to using food as a way to deal with your emotions, it becomes a habit. The good news is that it is possible to overcome emotional eating.  If I can overcome emotional eating after years of struggling you definitely can too. There is hope!

Are you ready to start changing your emotional relationship with food?

In the post: How I Overcame Emotional Eating and How You Can Too, you’ll find out the details on how I overcame emotional eating and tips that you can start using today. If you have any questions on anything that I talked about today or have questions on how I overcame emotional eating, feel free to reach out to me and I am happy to help if I can.




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