4 Things To Do Immediately After Overeating During Your Weight Loss Journey

4 Things To Do Immediately After Overeating During Your Weight Loss Journey

You just finished your meal. Your plate is cleaned and your belly is overstuffed. You were full 10 minutes ago, but you kept on eating. You’ve done it again… you’ve overeaten after you swore that it wouldn’t happen again. Does that sound familiar?

I feel like we’ve all found ourselves in situations, from time to time, where we eat more than we should. This used to happen to me a lot and each time I would feel shame and regret. I even started to convince myself that I would probably never lose weight.

What I’ve learned throughout my weight loss journey is that it doesn’t have to be that way. A simple lack in judgment at one meal does not have to derail weight loss progress. Although it’s important to try to prevent overeating, when it does happen it’s not something that we should beat ourselves up about. We should use these times as learning opportunities and move forward.

I know some of y’all struggle not only emotionally after you overeat, but you also don’t know how to move forward. I wanted to write this post to share the things that have worked for me throughout my weight loss journey. Here are some tips that will help you reset in those times where you have overeaten and you’re not sure what to do next.

4 Things To Do Immediately After Overeating

#1 Don’t Beat Yourself Up

It is important to remember: what is done is done. You can’t go back and change what has already happened. Beating yourself up does nothing but make you feel bad about yourself, which in turn may cause you to continue to make questionable food choices for the rest of the day. In my past years of trying to lose weight, I would beat myself up ALL THE TIME!

If I overate I felt like I messed everything up. I would quickly switch to an all or nothing mindset and either give up completely or tell myself I would “start over” tomorrow. The problem with that way of thinking is it never changed what had already been done.  It only delayed my progress more.

The truth is, we all lack good judgment at times. That is a part of being human. Beating yourself up keeps you in a bad place emotionally and prevents you from moving forward.

#2 Determine what caused you to overeat

There is always a reason behind why we overeat. Something that used to cause me to overeat a lot was the fact that I would go too long between meals. I would go long periods of time without eating and when I finally sat down to eat my next meal I would overeat because I was so hungry.

Whatever is causing you to overeat, you need to figure that out.  If you know what caused you to overeat in the first place you’re more likely to avoid it in the future. If you don’t figure out what situations cause you to overeat, you’ll stay in the dark with little chance of preventing it the next time.

#3 Determine how you feel now that you’ve overeaten and remember that feeling

This may seem like a weird tip, but hear me out. Although it is important not to dwell on the fact that you have overeaten, it is important to remember how you feel after overeating. For me, I typically feel groggy, tired and heavy! It’s important to remember those feelings! If you can remember how you feel after overeating, it may make you think twice the next time you are in the same situation.

#4 Make the decision to get back on track for the rest of the day

You should not use the fact that you have overeaten as an excuse to continue to overeat. It’s important to make the decision to get back on track for the rest of the day. Don’t let a lack in judgment at ONE MEAL cause you to throw away the WHOLE DAY. “I’ll get back on track tomorrow” USUALLY turns into “I’ll get back on track Monday” which most of the time turns into giving up completely. Don’t let that happen. Make up your mind to get back on track at your very next meal.


When it comes to weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle, it’s not about being perfect. Although it’s important to watch our portion sizes and be conscious of how much we are eating, there may be times when we overeat and it’s not the end of the world.  In the end, our success or failure with weight loss will not be as a result of overeating from time to time, it will be as a result of how we respond when those times come. Will we get back up and keep going or will we give up? The choice is always up to us. I always choose to get right back up and move forward to reach my goals. What choice will you make?


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