7 Healthy On The Go Snacks That You Can Keep In Your Purse |No Refrigerator Needed

7 Healthy On The Go Snacks That You Can Keep In Your Purse |No Refrigerator Needed

Have you ever been in this situation: You are out and about getting things done or driving home from somewhere and you get hungry. You are trying to eat healthier and would really prefer not to eat out. You try to wait it out, but you are getting hungrier and hungrier by the second it seems. You have nothing with you to eat so eventually, although you don’t want to eat out you have to… you are just too hungry to wait? If you can relate then you are in good company because I’ve been there so many dang times!

If I don’t keep snacks in my purse, I am very likely to eat out even if I don’t plan to. I have realized that it’s so important for me to keep snacks with me for when these times come. There are certain snacks that I like to keep with me that usually tide me over for a little while when I’m out and don’t want to eat out.

I’m going to share 7 of them with you today to give you some ideas of the types of snacks that you can keep in your purse for those times when hunger strikes when you are out.

7 Healthy On The Go Snacks

#1 Nuts

Nuts are a great snack to keep with you. They are high in healthy fat, protein, and fiber which will help to take the hunger away when you are out and just need something to tide you over. My favorite nuts to keep with me are almonds.

Tip For Buying Nuts:

I prefer to buy individually packaged nuts because they are easy to store and lasts for quite a while in my purse. I like to buy raw or roasted nuts that are unsalted (or lightly salted). I try to avoid nuts that have added sugar and oils.

Don’t get me wrong… chocolate covered almonds are my “it thing” these days. They seem to be my dessert of choice lately, but when I’m looking for a snack, I tend to stick to plain (or lightly salted) raw or roasted almonds.

#2 Snack Bars

Granola bars or fruit and nut bars are great snacks. I usually will buy a box and take a couple out right away to throw in my purse. These bars are great on the go snacks because they are usually loaded with good nutrients like protein, fiber, and healthy fat. These nutrients make this snack filling enough to help hunger subside for a little while.

Tip For Buying Snack Bars:

Read the ingredient list and try to avoid buying bars with ingredients that you cannot pronounce. A lot of bars out there are filled with chemicals and sugar. I really like Kind Bars, Lara Bars, and RX Bars. These bars come in many different varieties and have natural ingredients.

#3 Whole Grain Crackers

Whole grain crackers are a great snack. They are more nutrient-dense than traditional white crackers and they are loaded with whole grains and seeds that will help to keep you satisfied for a while after eating them.

Tip For Buying Crackers:

When looking for crackers, be sure to read the ingredient list on the back. The first ingredient should be a whole grain like brown rice.

#4 Trail Mix

Trail mix is a filling and satisfying on the go snack. When you are out and about and want something a little interesting, trail mix is a good option. Trail mix is a snack that is both sweet and savory. Typically trail mix is a combination of dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and sometimes chocolate.

Tip For Buying Trail Mix:

Trail mix that has chocolate and dried fruit tastes really good and if you are going for that option just be sure that the majority of the trail mix is nuts and seeds. You can tell by flipping the package around and looking at the ingredient list. The first 3 ingredients will tell you what it’s mostly made of.

#5 Popcorn

Popcorn is such a good snack. In addition to popcorn being high in fiber and protein, it can also be low in fat and sugar. The protein and fiber in popcorn will help to keep you satisfied for a longer period of time until you can get to your next meal.

#6 Applesauce Cups

I know this may seem like a weird snack idea, but trust me on this one. Applesauce tastes really good and usually comes in small 4 ounce cups, which is the perfect size snack to keep in your purse. Throw an applesauce cup in your purse (with a spoon of course) and you are ready to go. Applesauce cups are really good because they have a serving of fruit and a little bit of fiber that will help your hunger subside for a little while. Just in case you’ve never had applesauce before, it’s just cooked down apples.

Tip For Buying Applesauce:

I prefer to buy applesauce cups that are 100% real fruit, with no added sugar or sweeteners. The only ingredient on the back food label is typically apples, water, and maybe one more ingredient that is used to preserve the color of the apples. Some brands add high fructose corn syrup to their applesauce, which in my opinion is really unnecessary. Applesauce cups are naturally sweetened.

#7 Fruit Bars

Fruit bars are good snacks for on the go. If you’ve never heard of fruit bars they are just pureed fruit that has been dried and packed in small amounts. Fruit bars come in stick form. They are basically the grown-up version of a fruit roll-up with more substance and natural ingredients. Not only are fruit bars a good tasting snack, but they won’t take up a lot of room in your purse either. (That’s a plus because I don’t know about you, but my purse is full enough! I don’t need snacks taking up tons of space… but that’s another story for another day…)

Tip For Buying Fruit Bars:

All fruit bars are not created equal. Again, be sure to read the ingredient label on the back. Make sure that you are buying fruit bars that have ingredients that you can pronounce. I like to buy mine from Trader Joes because they have a variety to choose from that have natural ingredients.


Having snacks with us is important when we are trying to eat out less and eat healthier overall. I hope that by me showing you the types of things that I keep with me, you now have some ideas for snacks that you may like to keep on hand. I hope you found this helpful. If you want more snack ideas let me know.




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