7 Tips To Eat Out Regularly And Still Lose Weight Consistently

7 Tips To Eat Out Regularly And Still Lose Weight Consistently

People have been asking me lately: How can you eat out and still lose weight? Honestly, the simple answer is: I don’t go overboard. Before I started trying to change my lifestyle and eat healthier I would literally take eating out as an invitation to eat EVERYTHING: chicken fingers, fries, appetizers (yes more than one), desserts… and even some of what was on my husband’s plate. I’ll admit as I wrote that last sentence I’m a bit embarrassed, but that is really not what I do anymore.

People may judge me for eating out, while I’m trying to lose weight BUT…

I have lost 25 pounds this year, without counting calories or restricting myself in any way. That not restricting, by the way, includes eating out 2-3 times a week. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. Some people may judge me for that. They may say that it’s “unhealthy” to eat out that much… and to those people, I would say “if that’s your opinion then I respect it.” Yes, I understand that cooking and eating at home will almost always be the better option for me health-wise, but the truth is sometimes:

  • I’m too tired to cook.
  • I want to go out with friends for appetizers and wine.
  • I want to enjoy a nice dinner out with my husband.
  • I’m just not “feeling” what I had planned for dinner.

My point is…

My point is life happens! Something that I’m realizing is it’s a lot easier for me to make lifestyle changes, and ultimately lose weight when I realize that life is not perfect, nor will it ever be. Day by day I’m learning to roll with the punches and it is working out for me. There are a few things that I’ve learned along the way that really helps me to not go overboard when I’m eating out. I wanted to share some of them with you today. The tips that I am going to share are not earth-shattering by any means whatsoever, but I do think that they can help you out because they have helped me a lot.

Tips That You Can Start Using Today

Tip #1: Order Sparkling Water with Lime or Lemon

Try ordering sparkling water with lime or lemon, instead of a soft drink. For the most part, I do not order a soft drink when I am out. I order sparkling water. Sparkling water with lime tastes very similar to sprite to me and has 0 calories. Drinks at restaurants are usually served in cups between 15-20 ounces. Calories in soft drinks add up very, very fast, especially considering that most of us don’t just drink one cup. Just as an example I looked up calories in soda, sweet tea, and lemonade. I’ve listed the calories below for both a 15 and 20-ounce cup.

Example 1: Soda (Lemon Lime Soda and Dark Soda)- 12 calories per ounce

12X15= 180 calories per cup

12X20= 240 calories per cup

Example 2: Sweet Tea-11 calories ounce

11X15= 165 calories per cup

11X20= 220 calories per cup

Example 3: Lemonade- 11 calories ounce

11X15= 165 calories per cup

11X20= 220 calories per cup

Tip #2: Sauce on the side, please!

If anything you are ordering comes with a sauce ask the server to have the cook put the sauce on the side. I do this with sandwiches, meat, and even pasta. I find that restaurants typically put way more sauce on food than we actually need or want for that matter. The sauces in restaurants, although delicious, usually have a lot of sugar and oil. By having them put it on the side, you are able to decide how much you actually put on your food. By doing this you’re able to get all the flavor without overdoing it.

Tip #3: Grill or Broil

When you can order your food grilled or broiled instead of deep fried. Deep frying food requires that food is submerged in oil which packs on the calories quickly, while grilling or broiling requires little to no oil.

Tip #4: Pass the bread

Limit your bread basket intake.. okay, I’ll be real… sometimes this is hard, because I absolutely love bread, but most rolls/biscuits/breadsticks that come out to the table are high in calories. Just to see specifics I googled calories in the breadsticks, biscuits, and rolls that come out to the table at 3 of my favorite restaurants. The calories ranged from 140-160 PER SLICE. As you can see it can add up quickly, which is why I find that limiting myself to 1 or 2 pieces helps me to stay in control.

Tip #5: Hollow it out

While we are on the road of talking about bread, If you are going to eat a sub or sandwich with thick bread ask the server to have the cook hollow out the inside. This is where they take out most of the inside of the bread. I find that I do not taste a difference and I’m still able to enjoy my subs and sandwiches without the extra, unnecessary bread.

Tip #6: Judge if you actually want it

Don’t feel the need to get an appetizer, entrée, and dessert just because you are out. Make sure you really want it and you’re not simply ordering it because you’re out.  If you do want an appetizer or dessert, either share it with someone or eat half. (I’ve been noticing that generally serving sizes on things like desserts are often huge.)

Tip #7: Ditch the Clean Your Plate Mentality

Stop eating when you are satisfied. As children, we are taught to “clean our plate” and somewhere along the way we have lost sight of the difference between satisfied and stuffed. Something that has been helping me is midway through eating I ask myself: “Am I still hungry, or am I still eating because I have food on my plate?” I used to think just because it was on my plate I needed to eat it. I would leave a restaurant 9/10 times overly full. Asking myself this question midway through eating has helped me to slow down and truly learn to listen to my body. Once I’m satisfied I will stop eating and take the rest home with me or leave it on the plate.


I truly do believe you can eat out and still lose weight. The tips that I’ve shared are simple things, but over time they really add up. I hope they are as helpful to you as they are to me!




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