About Me

Hi, I’m Timmeisha! Welcome to my blog! 🙂


My goal for this blog is to change the conversation around what it means to be a plus size woman, in a world that is really diet and weight focused.

Diet culture has dominated the conversation for far too long, telling us how we should look to feel accepted AND what we should or should not eat. It really is time for that to change!

For years I was a chronic dieter, always looking for the next best diet… in hopes that I could change my plus size body into what society would deem “acceptable.”

Funny thing is, throughout the years the same thing would repeatedly happen: I would go on a diet, lose some weight, and then before I knew it I would end up gaining back what I lost PLUS MORE.

I would always feel down on myself and thought that I was failing because I couldn’t stick to whatever diet I was on at the time long term. This went on for years and years…

It wasn’t until I realized that diet culture was the problem and not me that things started to change. The truth that I came to grips with was the fact that dieting will never work long-term.

I finally began to understand that in order for me to start living a happier and more fulfilling life I had to start loving myself. I began to accept that I did not have to stand up to a “perfect” stick-figure image that people believe is the picture of beauty and health.

Uncovering this simple truth changed my life… (Read My Emotional Goodbye Letter To Diet Culture …)



Here at Simply A Stress Free Kitchen my goal is to share:

  • How I’ve transitioned from constantly dieting to eating intuitively
  • The ups and downs that I experience along the way
  • How I’m learning to accept and appreciate my body as a plus size woman (& how you can too)
  •  …And really good recipes that I create (without any sort of guilt) in my own kitchen!


I hope you will stick around, get to know me a little better, and hopefully be inspired along the way!