Costco Haul For Two |Convenience Meals & Snacks

Costco Haul For Two |Convenience Meals & Snacks

If you read my last Costco haul post then you know how much my husband and I love Costco. We love it so much because we are able to get healthier foods that would normally cost an arm and a leg, at traditional grocery stores, for a fraction of the price. Because my last Costco haul is one of the most popular posts on the blog to date, I wanted to come back with another one, this time focusing on convenience meals and snacks.

If you are anything like me, you want to be able to cook homemade meals and snacks the majority of the time, but from time to time you just need a little help from the store. Although we don’t tend to buy a lot of convenience meals and snacks, I wanted to show you what we get from Costco when we do decide to buy them. Even though I don’t cut anything out, as far as food is concerned, when it comes to buying foods that are already prepared, I tend to buy foods with quality ingredients, for the most part. The great thing is Costco has a wide range of foods and there are some healthier convenience meals and snacks that we buy, for those times when we are short on time and need something fast. Let me share them with you!

Costco Haul| Convenience Meals & Snacks

#1: Aidells Meatballs

These meatballs are so good. We usually buy the Adielles chicken apple sausage, but this time we decided to give these meatballs a try. We’ve been eating them for lunch a lot. They are really good over rice with some vegetables on the side. They are fully cooked so they can be microwaved. They are really convenient for a quick lunch or dinner. We store them in the freezer so they don’t go bad before we can eat them all. Both flavors are good, but my favorite is the spicy mango and Jalapeno.

#2: Chicken Burgers

We really like these Kale and Mozzarella chicken burgers. They taste really good. Our favorite way to eat them is on brioche hamburger buns with mayo, cheese, spinach, and tomatoes. They are also good chopped up on a salad. To prepare them all we do is take them out of the freezer and defrost them, either on the counter or the microwave. Then we cook them on the stovetop with a little bit of oil.

When in a pinch, we have also made them in the microwave, but they don’t taste the best that way. Although the package says that they should be refrigerated, we choose to keep them in the freezer. Because it’s just the two of us and we cannot get through a full box before they go bad, in our case, it’s best to freeze them.

#3: Fish

We typically buy some sort of preseasoned fish. We use the preseasoned fish for those nights when we don’t feel like cooking, but still want to eat at home and have a meal that is balanced and tastes good. Normally we buy preseasoned salmon, but this time we wanted to try something new. We decided to buy this sea salt and roasted garlic Mahi.

We really like it and it was a great change from the salmon we usually buy. When we buy preseasoned fish like this we typically serve it with pasta or rice and vegetables on the side. Sometimes we make sandwiches out of it too, using hamburgers buns and serve it with chips or fries on the side.

#4: Chicken Nuggets:

We always get a bag of chicken nuggets from Costco. These Tyson nuggets are not the ones we normally get though. The ones we typically buy have much better ingredients, in my opinion, but Costco didn’t have them when we went. Instead of just opting not to get nuggets, simply because these didn’t have “perfect” ingredients, we opted for these and they worked out well.

We’ve been cooking these in the air fryer a lot. They get extra crispy and taste amazing! We serve them with fries, chopped up in a wrap, or on top of a salad. I’m glad that Costco didn’t have the nuggets that we normally get because that gave us the opportunity to try something new. The crazy thing is, these taste even better! We will probably buy these from now on. You should definitely give these a try!

#5: Breakfast Sausage

This has been our favorite go-to sausage for a while now. We usually toss them with pure maple syrup and microwave them for about a minute and a half. They are fully cooked so it’s safe to microwave them. Sometimes if we have a little more time, we like to sautee them up on the stovetop with a little bit of oil and then toss them in maple syrup.  Both ways are good, but if I had to choose one, I’d say the stovetop method tastes the best! These sausages are great served as a side dish for pretty much any breakfast. They are also really good chopped up in omelet or inside of egg casseroles.

You can see what maple syrup we use in my last Costco haul post, where I talk about the staples that we buy from Costco.

#6: Crackers

We always get some type of cracker from Costco. We usually buy a box that has an assortment of different types of crackers that we really like, but because Costco didn’t have those we decided to try a different cracker. The ones we went with were these Simple Mills almond flour crackers. I was really skeptical at first to buy them, but I’m glad that we did. These crackers were great! My favorite way to have them is with sliced cheese or cream cheese on top. I also like them on the side of sandwiches and salads. They have simple ingredients which is a bonus! We will definitely be buying these again.

#7: Roasted Seaweed

Roasted seaweed as a snack may seem weird if you’ve never had it before, but you need to try it. It tastes so good. It’s salty and crunchy and reminds me of chips. It’s a great snack to have when you are on the go, when you need a snack before dinner, and even while you are watching your favorite movie! We buy these all the time!

#8: Snack Bars

We always buy some type of bar at Costco. I like to keep them in my purse and my husband likes to keep them in his work bag. We usually buy RX bars or Kind bars for the most part, but we wanted something different this time. I heard good things about these cinnamon almond bars so we decided to switch things up and give them a try. Honestly, they are okay. The flavor isn’t bad, but as far as a snack goes, they aren’t filling at all. I’m glad we gave them a try, but if I had to choose, I would definitely choose another type of bar over this one.

#9: Oatmeal Bites

We buy these oatmeal bites all the time, because they are so good! I’ve been really liking to eat these for dessert or even a snack. When I first tried these, I couldn’t believe how good they were. If you have never had these, you are missing out!

#10: Pancake Mix

Kodiak cake mix is one of our favorite pancake mixes. It’s a great deal at Costco. We like to have pancakes and waffles on the weekends and if I don’t feel like making them from scratch we use this. When making pancakes or waffles, using this mix, we use milk instead of water because milk makes them taste even better. This pancake mix tastes really good and is a great option for times when you don’t want to make homemade pancakes.

If you ever want to make your own homemade pancakes, though, I have a delicious whole wheat pancake recipe that you should try.

#11: Tortilla Chips

These have been our favorite tortilla chips for awhile. They taste really good and have very minimal ingredients. We like to dip them in salsa or guacamole. They are also great with cheese on top. We often have them as a side for sandwiches and burgers too.


I hope this post gave you some ideas for different convenience meals and snacks that you can get for those times when you are busy and just need something fast. Do you think you’ll try any of the foods that I showed today? If so, which ones?




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