How I Used Portion Control To Lose 34 Pounds Without Dieting

How I Used Portion Control To Lose 34 Pounds Without Dieting

We’ve all heard it at one time or another: “In order to lose weight we have to count calories or follow a diet.” For a long time I believed just that and as a result, I’ve tried counting calories, low carb diets, soup diets, juice diets… I’ve done just about every diet you could think of, but you know what? The result was always the same. I would lose weight temporarily and then gain back what I lost plus more…EVERY TIME. WITHOUT FAIL.


In my heart, I truly wanted to give up dieting forever and really felt like there was a way to lose weight, without dieting or counting calories. It turns out that I was right, thankfully! I am so happy to say that this year I have lost 34 pounds and I consistently lose weight weekly. The great thing is I have not been on one single diet or given up any of my favorite foods.

If you have been wondering if it is actually possible to go against the norms and lose weight, I am happy to tell you that it is! If I can lose weight without dieting, you definitely can too. One thing that has helped me a ton has been portion control. I am confident that without portion control I would not have been able to successfully lose weight consistently and keep the weight off.

You may be at a point in your life where you are ready to give up dieting too, but not sure where to start. If you’re anything like I was when I first started trying to lose weight, you’re probably pretty lost when it comes to how much food you should actually be eating.


Simply put, a portion size is the amount of food that you choose to eat.

A lot of the times we serve ourselves portions that are so much bigger than the portion size that we should actually be eating. Because most of us have been overeating for so long. It’s super easy for us to continue to overeat, especially when we don’t know our correct portion sizes.

I have found some things that have helped me to learn to portion control my food. These are things that have helped me to combat overeating and truly learn to serve myself portions that are right for me. I wanted to share those things with you because I am confident that if you implement, even a couple of these tips you will start to see results.

Portion Control Tips You Can Start Using Today To Lose Weight

Tip #1: Fill your plate with more veggies

Not only are vegetables good for us, but they keep us full. Eating more vegetables helps to keep me full longer and also helps me not to feel restricted. I can still eat my favorite foods, but by adding more vegetables to my plate I naturally eat less of everything else, so I feel satisfied without going overboard.

Tip #2: Use smaller plates

Most of the time we have the tendency to want to fill our plate, no matter the size of the plate. The bigger the plate we have, the more food we will serve ourselves generally. I recommend using smaller plates. About eight months ago, I transitioned from using 12-inch plates at home to 10-inch plates. By switching to smaller plates, you will naturally eat less without even thinking about it. It such a small change but it makes the world of a difference.

Tip #3: Don’t eat out of a bag or box

Ever been watching a movie, eating a snack and all of a sudden you swipe your hand across the bottom of an empty bag? Even worse right after that have you thought to yourself: how in the world did I eat this whole bag? Yep, I’ve been there!

It’s really hard to keep track of how much we are eating when eating out of a bag or box. What happens is we end up mindlessly eating because we aren’t paying attention to what we are doing or how much we are eating. When I am having a prepackaged snack like chips or crackers, I divide my snack out into the number of servings that I want to eat and then put the rest away. This helps me stay in control of how much I am eating.

Note on Serving Sizes…

A serving size is the amount of a particular food that food manufacturers recommend should be eaten. It is important to note that this is not the amount of food that you personally should be eating, it is simply a recommendation.

Tip #4: Read the nutrition label on the back of prepackaged foods

Packaged food labels can be very misleading. Serving sizes are usually a lot smaller than we think they are. If you measure out what a serving size is on a lot of packaged foods, you will probably be surprised. I know I was! I don’t necessarily eat just one serving of whatever I’m eating, but knowing the serving size helps to keep me from eating, three or four servings of a snack when I really am intending on eating just one. Not knowing how much of a certain food we are eating can lead us to overeat.

Tip #5: Drink more water before and during eating

Our bodies can sometimes confuse thirst with hunger so it is really important to drink water throughout the day. I find that I am hungrier during the day when I am not consistently drinking water. When I am drinking water throughout the day, I am more satisfied and generally eat less. I typically drink at least 64 ounces of water every day. If you struggle with drinking plain water check out the post How To Make Infused Water: 2 Amazing Fruit Infused Water Recipes.

Tip #6: Avoid snack foods when hungry

This may sound like a weird tip, but have you ever picked up a bag of something whether that be chips or another type of packaged snack because you were hungry and then after eating that snack you were just as hungry?

That’s because generally packaged snacks will not satisfy us. I find that it is better for me to have a real meal or a snack that will satisfy me for a couple of hours if I am not ready for a full meal. Two of my favorite snacks are: boiled eggs with hot sauce or mozzarella cheese sticks. Even though these are not full meals these snacks tend to hold me over for a couple of hours until I have my next meal.


These six tips are things that have helped me to lose weight and get a grasp of how much I should be eating. If this post intrigued you and you would like to know more of my portion control tips let me know and I would be happy to write another post! Which of the tips that I shared today will you start using?

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Portion Control Tips That Will Help You Lose Weight Naturally

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