How To Freeze Bananas & Tips On How You Can Use Your Frozen Bananas!

How To Freeze Bananas & Tips On How You Can Use Your Frozen Bananas!

Bananas are a great buy. They are good for us and they are super cheap. The problem is bananas are one of those things that seem to go bad so fast. Most of the time faster than we can actually eat them. I used to find myself throwing out bananas all the time, so much so that I stopped buying them for awhile.

Eventually, I learned that there was no reason for me to be throwing out my overripe bananas. Bananas actually freeze perfectly! Ever since I realized this, I find myself buying bananas all the time because even if they are on the brim of going bad, they can be frozen easily and used later.

If you find yourself buying bananas, only to see them rot on your countertop by the end of the week, today I wanted to share with you my method for freezing overripe bananas and five of my favorite ways to use those frozen bananas.

Instructions For Freezing Bananas:

Step 1:

Peel all of your bananas.

Step 2:

Cut each banana in half.

Step 3:

Put each half in a freezer bag.

Step 4:

When all of your bananas are in your freezer bag, squeeze out all of the air and zip the bag.

Step 5:

Label your bag and place it in the freezer for future use.

5 Great Ways To Use Your Frozen Bananas:


This is probably the most obvious of the five, but definitely worth mentioning. Smoothies are a great way to use up your frozen bananas. All you have to do is take a banana out of the freezer and toss it into your blender with the rest of the ingredients. Not only do frozen bananas help to make smoothies cold, without having to add additional ice, but they also make them creamy which is a bonus.

Baked Desserts:

The good thing about overripe bananas is that they are incredibly sweet. Bananas get sweeter with time, so although they are not appealing to eat when they turn soft and brown, they are perfect to bake with.

If you choose to use your frozen bananas to make a baked dessert, you have two options. The first option, when you are ready to make your dessert, is you can place your frozen bananas in a bowl on your countertop to let them defrost. The second option you have is to put your bananas in a bowl, set your microwave to defrost and let them defrost that way. Either option you choose, just make sure that the bananas are at room temperature when you use them.

For a good dessert, using your frozen bananas, check out my recipe for Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Muffins. They are so good!


Frozen bananas are great in oatmeal, whether you are making oatmeal on your stovetop or in the microwave. You can either chop the banana in coins or use an entire half. If you decide to use frozen bananas in your oatmeal, simply add the banana to your pot or bowl when you add whatever liquid your oats will be cooked in. Adding frozen bananas to your oatmeal not only adds fruit easily to your breakfast, but it gives the oatmeal an amazing texture.


Adding frozen bananas to your pancake batter is great. Bananas add moisture, to your pancakes, without you having to add much oil to the batter. If you choose to use your frozen bananas to make pancakes, again, you have two options. You can defrost your bananas on the countertop or in the microwave. The important thing to remember is you always want to make sure that you are not working with hot bananas.

Banana Nice Cream:

If you have never heard of nice cream, it’s simply bananas that you blend into an ice cream-like dessert. If you have never tried banana nice cream, you definitely should! It’s really good when you want a little something sweet, but want to keep things on the lighter side.

All you do is take your frozen bananas, put them in a food processor with a small splash of milk, and blend them until they become an ice cream texture. Most people stop here, but it’s not really my jam as far as taste goes if I stop at this point. I like to add a little cocoa powder, agave, and vanilla extract to my food processor. Once all of my ingredients are blended, I put the nice cream in a bowl and top with sprinkles. So good!


There you go! Instructions for freezing your overripe bananas and ideas for how you can use them so they don’t just sit in your freezer. I hope this was helpful. If you want more freezer tips, let me know and I’ll be happy to post more!


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