How To Freeze Fresh Herbs & 5 Ways To Use Your Frozen Herbs!

How To Freeze Fresh Herbs & 5 Ways To Use Your Frozen Herbs!

Fresh herbs are great, but have you ever wondered why in the world they come in such large bundles when most recipes typically call for such a little amount? In the past, every time I wanted to use fresh herbs, in a recipe, I would end up having to buy way more than I needed. When I finished using the portion of herbs that the recipe called for, I would always find myself wondering what to do with the rest.

The unfortunate part was, most of the time the rest of the bundle would go to waste. This would frustrate me so much! It irritated me so much that I stopped buying fresh herbs for the most part.

Sound familiar?

Although I still can’t understand why herbs come in such large bundles, what I do have is a solution to the problem, which in my opinion is even better! There is actually a way to have the best of both worlds. It’s possible to buy fresh herbs, even if you only need a small amount, and avoid wasting the rest.

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Today I want to show you a method for freezing herbs. This method is simple and will allow you to freeze your herbs, without hassle, so you can use them whenever you are looking to spruce up a meal.

Step By Step Instructions For Freezing Fresh Herbs

Step #1 Pull your herbs off of the stem

To prep your herbs, the first thing you’ll need to do is pull your herbs off of the stem.

Step #2: Wash and dry your herbs

Wash and dry your herbs well. If you don’t have a method for washing and drying your herbs, check out my post: How to Wash and Store Fresh Herbs |Make Your Herbs Last Longer. In this post, I explain step by step how to wash and dry fresh herbs.

Step #3: Place your herbs in an ice cube tray

At the bottom of an ice cube tray, add your herbs. I like to break up the herbs a little bit with my fingers, as I’m putting them into the ice cube tray. This not only allows the herbs to fit better, but it helps the herbs to be dispersed throughout whatever I end up cooking.

Step #4: Cover your herbs with oil

I like to use avocado oil for this. With avocado oil it doesn’t matter what I decide to cook, my oil won’t burn, because of the high smoke point. Choosing an oil with a high smoke point gives you more options. No matter if you are roasting or sauteeing on high heat, your oil won’t burn. You don’t have to use avocado oil, but you may want to choose an oil with a high smoke point.

Step #5: Place the ice cube tray in the freezer, covered

I like to use an ice cube tray with a lid for this. If you don’t have an ice cube tray with a lid, simply place a piece of parchment or wax paper on top of the ice cube tray. On top of the parchment or wax paper, place a piece of foil covering your entire ice cube tray before putting it in the freezer.

Step #6: Transfer your herb cubes for longer storage (Optional)

I find that herb cubes store better if they are transferred to a freezer-safe bag. When your herbs have been frozen completely, place the herb cubes in a freezer-safe bag. After transferring your herb cubes to the freezer bag, press out all of the air and zip the bag.

Step #7: Label and store (Optional)

If you choose to transfer your herb cubes to a freezer bag, the last thing you need to do is label your bag and place the bag in your freezer.

Best Ways To Use Frozen Herb Cubes:

On Steamed and Roasted Vegetables

Herb cubes make steamed and roasted vegetables taste so good. All you have to do is melt down your herb cube in a pan or in the microwave. You would then mix the herb oil into your already steamed vegetables. If you are roasting vegetables you would toss your vegetables in the herb oil, just before putting them in the oven.

When Making A Stir-Fry

Incorporating your herb cubes into a stir-fry is not only an easy way to use them, but they also add so much flavor to whatever stir-fry you are making. Simply drop a couple of herb cubes into the bottom of your pan, when you normally would add regular oil. Let the cubes melt, and proceed with making your stir-fry!

On Baked Or Broiled Fish

If you want to spice up your fish, in an easy way, add an herb cube to it. All you have to do is, prepare your fish like you normally would with seasonings. Place your fish in the pan that you will be baking or broiling in, and place one small herb cube on top of each piece of fish. Proceed with baking or broiling the fish as you normally would!

On Roasted Chicken

There is nothing like a good roasted chicken. Roasted chicken can sometimes be a blah meal to eat, but not if you season it up just right and add some herbs to it! To use herb cubes on your roasted chicken, simply melt herb cubes in a pan, on the stovetop, or in the microwave. Season your chicken as you normally would and then add your herb oil. Toss to combine and roast your chicken.

When Sauteeing Meat On The Stovetop

Herb cubes are great when sauteeing meat. They add so much flavor to any meat that you may be cooking at the time. Simply add your herb cubes to your pan, as it is heating up. Let your pan come to temperature, add your seasoned meat, and sautee.


Fresh herbs give food so much flavor and freezing them, when you have more on hand than you need, is a great option. Give this method a shot. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is.


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