What I Eat In A Day #10 |13 Weeks Postpartum

What I Eat In A Day #10 |13 Weeks Postpartum

Hey y’all! I haven’t posted in so long and that is because I had a baby! That’s so crazy to say, but it’s true. I am officially a mama. Whoa!

Because I had a pretty rough pregnancy, I had to take a break from the blog. I am now 13 weeks postpartum and starting to get a little bit more normality back into my life so I’m ready to start blogging again. I’m so excited about it because I’ve missed it a lot.

I thought a What I Eat In A Day post would be the perfect post for me to jump back in. Not only do I really enjoy writing these, but y’all seem to really like them too!

My eating definitely looks different now that I have an infant at home, and don’t have a lot of time to prepare meals. I usually eat things that I can put together quickly, that taste good, and that are semi-balanced.

All the meals, that I ate on this day, were really easy to put together and took less than 15 minutes to make. Alright, let’s jump into what I ate.

 Here’s What I Ate

First Thing In The Morning:

When I first woke up I had a big glass of lemon water. Before having a baby getting water in wasn’t a problem, but lately, it really has been a challenge. Because I feel so much better when I drink more water, I’ve been trying to be more intentional about drinking more.


My husband is still on paternity leave so he was with the baby most of the morning. It was really sweet of him to give me the opportunity to take some time to myself. I was so thankful. I drank my coffee slowly while I read my devotional.

In my coffee, I had vanilla oat milk creamer and a splash of vanilla almond milk. Oat milk creamer is something that I discovered about a month or so ago and I love it. I add a good amount of it to my coffee so I don’t use any additional sweetener. It’s sweet enough as is for me.  If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile then you know that I love to make my own coffee creamer, but lately, I just haven’t had the time so for now, store-bought creamer is working for me.


Lately, I’ve been eating cereal for breakfast a lot. Cereal was not something that I ate for breakfast before having a baby, because I don’t find it to be very filling, but it has come in handy when I need to eat breakfast and don’t have a lot of time or energy.

However, on this particular day, when I was hungry for breakfast, the baby was down for a nap. I was actually really hungry and I felt pretty good energy-wise so I decided to make a bigger breakfast. We had some leftover shredded hash browns that I cooked in oil and added some salt-free seasoning to. I scrambled a couple of eggs with cheese. I took some turkey sausage out of the freezer and microwaved it. I also saw that we had one mini wholly guacamole cup in the fridge so I decided to throw that into the mix too. All in all, my breakfast took about 10 minutes to throw together.

Although breakfast was really good, and I was thankful for it, I had to eat pretty fast because just as I finished cooking I felt like the baby was about to wake up. I’m starting to realize that this is life with a newborn.

Afternoon snack:

A couple of hours later I needed a snack to tide me over until I could make lunch. I ended up having, crackers and cream cheese with sriracha on top. It was the quickest thing that I could make and it hit the spot for a little while.


The baby was incredibly fussy on this day so I didn’t have time to do much for lunch. As much as I would like to have meal-prepped food ready to go for lunches, I just haven’t made it back there yet. These days, lunch consists mostly of leftovers in the fridge or whatever I can find in the freezer.

On this day, I found some Kodiak protein waffles in the freezer. I popped three in the oven. When the waffles were done, I topped them with almond butter and a small drizzle of maple syrup. They tasted really good and only took five minutes to bake in the oven.

In the past, back when I was dieting ALL the dang time, I would have felt so bad about myself for having this meal, whether it was breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I’m so glad that I stopped labeling food as good and bad.

With being so busy as a new mom (first-time mom at that) and trying to figure things out right now, the truth is sometimes this is what lunch or dinner looks like and I’m okay with that.

Afternoon Drink:

While I waited for my waffles to bake, I sipped on a kombucha that my husband had in the fridge. This brand of kombucha is not as strong as I usually prefer, but it was pretty good.


For dinner, I originally planned to make stuffed zucchini boats, but we ended up not having enough zucchini. Because I had already defrosted ground turkey I decided that a casserole would be good. Sometimes I use casseroles as a way to use up bits and pieces of leftover food that we have sitting in the fridge. That’s exactly what I did on this particular night.

For the casserole, I added some frozen potatoes to the bottom of a pan and baked them in the oven. While the potatoes were baking, I then sautéed ground turkey with an onion, a couple of jalapeños, salt, and pepper.

To the ground turkey mixture, I added some tomato sauce with a few more seasonings, kale, and leftover corn. I pulled the potatoes out of the oven and topped them with the turkey mixture. I added shredded mozzarella cheese to the top and baked it on 375 for about 25 minutes. This was a really easy meal to make and it tasted pretty good.

That’s everything that I ate on this day. I hope you enjoyed this post and were able to get some new ideas for different meals that you can make at home.

What quick meals have you been cooking lately?

I’m always looking for new meal ideas too, so if there are some quick meals that you have been really enjoying lately, I would love if you would share one or two with me down in the comments. Thanks in advance. 🙂



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