What I Eat In A Day As An Intuitive Eater #2

What I Eat In A Day As An Intuitive Eater #2

Hey Hey! I hope you are having a great week so far and not letting the hustle and bustle of this holiday season stress you out. I’m working pretty hard to make sure that doesn’t happen this year for me and I hope you are too.

Even though Christmas is on the horizon and you may be preoccupied with family, friends, and getting in the holiday spirit, I wanted to come on today and share another day of eating. These types of posts seem to be helpful so I wanted to share another one with you just in case you are looking for some meal ideas.

What I Eat In A Day As An Intuitive Eater #2 

Pre coffee:

I drank about 30 ounces of water with lemon as soon as I woke up.


Coffee is a must for me every morning. I always look forward to it. I made my coffee like I do every morning with homemade creamer and agave.


For breakfast, I had a green smoothie. Lately, I’ve been making a smoothie almost every morning during the week. Smoothies are so easy and I always feel really energized after having one for breakfast.


For a snack, I had two of the boiled eggs that I made during this week’s meal prep to tide me over until lunch.


I made baked ziti the other night and we still had some left in the fridge. To the bottom of my bowl, I added spinach and cottage cheese and topped it with the ziti before microwaving. The cottage cheese is what is making the ziti look soupy, but I really enjoyed it. Adding cottage cheese may seem weird, but I’ve been on a cottage cheese kick lately and I’ve been adding it to a lot of things.

Pre Dinner Snack:

I ate a chocolate chip cookie while I cooked dinner. The recipe for these cookies is in my Meal Prep For The Week #2 post.


Because I was solo for dinner tonight because Patrick had a work team outing I thought I’d keep it pretty simple, yet a little interesting. I decided to make a baked french toast casserole. To go along with the casserole I scrambled a couple of eggs and chicken sausage.

A few hours after dinner:

When Patrick came home we relaxed on the couch together and I had a cup of sugar cookie flavored tea. This tea usually only comes out during the holidays and it is so good!

There is everything that I ate in a day! If you find these posts helpful, leave me a comment and let me know. I am more than happy to make these posts a weekly thing if y’all want me to. I hope you have a great Christmas!




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