What I Eat In A Day As An Intuitive Eater #7 |Utilizing Meal Prep!

What I Eat In A Day As An Intuitive Eater #7 |Utilizing Meal Prep!

Hey Hey! How’s your week going so far? On my end, it has been a pretty productive week so far, which I’m grateful for. Of course, I’m back with another What I Eat In A Day post.

This one is a bit different from my other What I Eat In A Day posts. In this one, every meal was centered around my weekly meal prep. I had a lot going on and I was on the verge of getting sick, so spending even 15 minutes on a meal was not something that I wanted to do. I’m so glad that I had things cooked ahead of time in the fridge.

A lot of people think that meal prep has to be hard or be an all-day thing. That is not the way that I like to meal prep. What I prefer to do is make a few headstart ingredients, over the weekend, to make things easier once the week starts. I then put those ingredients together with other things to make complete meals. Let me show you how it played out on this day!

What I Eat In A Day As An Intuitive Eater #7

Morning Coffee:

I’m a creature of habit as far as my coffee goes. I made my morning coffee, the same way I do every morning, with a little agave and homemade creamer.


I typically like to get dressed before having breakfast, but this particular morning I was ravenous. It’s probably because I had a light dinner the night before. I decided to use this as an opportunity to take my collagen. I mixed two scoops of collagen with water. This held me over until I could eat breakfast.

Just in case you are interested, I included a link to the collagen that I’ve been using for years. This post is not sponsored. I have always purchased this product with my own money, but if you make a purchase using my link I may get a small commission from Amazon.


I’ve been craving banana bread lately, so I made some during meal prep. For breakfast, I had some of the banana bread and topped it with a blueberry sauce that I also made during meal prep. When I was planning out what I would have for breakfast for the week, I knew that the banana bread probably wouldn’t be enough for me. I decided to make an egg casserole with turkey, bell peppers, scallions, spinach, and cheese. On this morning, I chose to have some of that casserole too with a side of avocado. This was such a good breakfast!


I got busy and let myself get too hungry. By the time I realized that I was hungry, I was starving so had a few pieces of cheddar cheese while my lunch was warming.


For lunch, I had mini turkey burgers that I meal prepped. I made two turkey burger sliders. On the sliders, I put cheddar cheese and barbeque sauce. On the side, I had the rest of the avocado from earlier, grape tomatoes, and some fries that were made in the oven. I also ended up getting some ketchup to dip my fries in.

Afternoon Drink:

A little while after lunch, I was attempting to get some things done, but I was starting to get tired. Typically warm drinks help me to focus and because I’ve been trying to limit coffee to once a day, for the most part, I opted for green tea. In my tea, I put a little bit of honey.


For dinner, I had a stir-fry type of meal. I had some chicken and rice prepped so I used that as the base. I then added some scallions, that I had in the freezer, and some spinach. I sauteed all of that together and mixed in a little bit of sweet chili sauce. This took less than 10 minutes to cook, because I was using ingredients that were already prepped.


I wanted something a little sweet after dinner. I had a vanilla yogurt with two of my homemade edible cookie dough bites.


And that’s everything that I ate. These meals were really good and they came together fast, which I was so glad about! Have you gotten on the meal prep train yet? If not, what holds you up?




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